For many small business owners, you are your business so developing a clear personal brand is a key step to growth!

Branding and indeed your marketing all too often gets pushed to one side when other tasks need to take priority, which is daily if you're a small business owner.

As a small business owner, I know your time is precious, so instead of you working harder, let's get your marketing working harder for you! 

Commit to just 4 hours of your time to be crystal clear on:

How to develop a personal brand attract your ideal clients.

The marketing steps to get them to buy.

And the added bonus of a ready made starter marketing plan to get those sales leads rolling in!

This course will give you the knowledge to develop a stand out personal brand. One that will take your marketing to the next level in attracting and engaging with your ideal clients and, most importantly, not take hours of your time.

The result?

No more overwhelm!

Marketing stops being something to do 'when you have time' and starts being a daily action on your to-do list!

Step-by-step Lessons to Fit your Lifestyle

If you are happy to work at your own pace to fit around your work and life commitments and you like to learn in bite-sized steps then this course is the answer.

In short, easy to learn lessons so you can finally get some clarity around developing a personal brand and the marketing channels to show up on to grow your business.

The result?

You can start to get more sales leads for your services and grow your business.

This course is self-managed and you have access to the content for as long as you like. Each lecture comes with actions so you see results and progress at every step.

What’s included:
  • Complete training course
  • 8 Step by Step lessons
  • A detailed workbook
  • A Starter Marketing Plan
  • No time limit to access

Successful completion will guarantee you are crystal clear on creating a personal brand which will generate a regular flow of clients wanting to know more and sign up for your services.